Durham Family Lawyer Reviews

The personalized legal representation I received at the Law Firm of Sunny Chhabra was amazing. While being straightforward about the weaknesses in my case, Sunny made me feel confident in my case, always made me feel strongly supported and he was readily available for any questions I had, often on weekends and evenings. My case went to a trial. He won me custody of my daughter even though she had been in the custody of her mother for the prior 4 years. He also got me an order for substantial costs against the opposing side. I would recommend Sunny without hesitation.”

R.B., Toronto

“I retained Sunny twice over the years, once beginning in 2011 and then again in 2017. My cases involved child custody, child support and divorce. Sunny built strong cases both times and I got the results I was looking for both times. His fees were reasonable and he even agreed to structured payments over a short period of time. He considered my financial circumstances to some extent. I would hire Sunny again if I needed a family law lawyer. I have referred others to Sunny and would do so again.”

K.B., Whitby, ON

“Sunny first represented me around 2 years ago in a case involving spousal support, child support and property division. The results he obtained for me in that case were nothing short of amazing. He helped me navigate through my complex matter gaining much more ground than my previous lawyer had. I was impressed and comforted by his knowledge of the law and his commitment to my case. I can say without reservation that I would not have done nearly as well without the calibre of representation that I received from Sunny. His document preparation and courtroom presentation are top notch. I found his advice and approach to be honest, reasonable and realistic. He made a very difficult, stressful experience much more tolerable. I have referred a number of people to Sunny and would do so in the future. If ever I need a family law lawyer again, I would absolutely use Sunny. His fees were reasonable and he worked with me on a payment arrangement.”

J.P., Oshawa, ON

“Sunny assisted me in preparing a Separation Agreement and then in getting a divorce. Sunny was thorough in ensuring that I knew my rights regarding support, property division, etc. There seemed to be no push to take on work or negotiations which were unnecessary. We did much of the work over the phone and email to avoid trips into the office which was quite convenient. Sunny’s fees were reasonable. Divorce is always unfortunate and difficult, however the paperwork process was made quite seamless by Sunny. If I needed a family law lawyer again, I would absolutely hire Sunny. I have referred people to Sunny and would continue to.”

W.B., Beaverton, Oregon

“Sunny was reasonably flexible in relation to fees and payment terms. He took my income into account to some extent, which really helped me out with getting the deserved representation I needed instead of just giving up because of costs. Nobody is prepared for the costs that come from court proceedings but Sunny 100% works with you and for you in many many ways.

If I had to hire a family law lawyer again, I would use Sunny again 100%. I retained him in 2014 for a custody, access, child support matter. I retained him again in 2016 when my ex brought the matter back to court. At the end of both hard fought proceedings, I got what I was seeking in terms of custody and access. I have referred people to Sunny who have advised me they were happy with the results. I am so appreciative to have been represented by Sunny from the beginning of my family law proceedings. With his knowledge, I was able to understand my rights and he made sure I was aware of all the steps in both proceedings so I wasn’t lost. His focus on my cases was outstanding. So pleased I was able to have him on my side.”

D.G, Oshawa, ON