About the Law Firm of Sunny Chhabra

Experienced Legal Counsel.

At the Law Firm of Sunny Chhabra, we understand that being involved in a family law matter is a very stressful experience for the client. We believe the role of your lawyer is to not only provide you with guidance, effective legal advice and vigorous representation but also to be compassionate and to attempt to minimize the stress experienced by you. We talk you through each step of your case. We pride ourselves on providing sound, comprehensive legal advice. We provide the personal touch and attention that our clients need and deserve.

People are all too often compelled to represent themselves in family court due to the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. In addition to striving towards providing top quality legal services, another way that we at the Law Firm of Sunny Chhabra try to help our clients through what is most often one of the most stressful experiences of their lives is to be reasonably flexible with our fees without in any way compromising the quality of the service provided.

About Sunny Chhabra

I’ve been practicing law in Ontario for over 21 years, almost exclusively in the area of family law.

I know that family law issues are emotional, turbulent and often complicated. Working with individuals to help them navigate their way through this very difficult time is a responsibility I take very seriously. Where custody of and access to children are involved, I always take a child-focussed approach all the while doing my utmost to ensure that the child(ren)s best interests are the focus, guiding force and ultimate goal.

My clients often say that my compassionate demeanour makes it easy for them to share the difficult, often painful details of their case. I’m also a skilled negotiator and tough advocate in the courtroom.

When I’m not busy helping clients resolve their legal matters, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking dishes from around the world or catching the next Raptors game. Go Raptors!