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The Breakdown of the Family Unit

After the breakdown of the family unit, the financial care of children remains an important consideration for the future.

Guidelines and Tables exist under Federal and Provincial Law to assist in making the calculation of child support less contentious, more predictable and more consistent across cases considering criteria such as the number of children being supported and the payor parent’s income. As much as the guidelines are usually very helpful in terms of determining how much child support should be paid, there remain issues with such things as establishing the payor parent’s income, enforcing payments, determining appropriate contributions by each parent for special or extraordinary expenses and accounting for circumstances that may result in the tables not being strictly followed.

There are also guidelines for spousal support, but unlike child support, these guidelines are only advisory in nature. Once an entitlement to spousal support has been established these guidelines are used to assist in determining the range of both the amount of spousal support and the duration of spousal support payments.

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